profile 5So, who’s writing all this stuff? That would be me; I’m Andrew Bucholtz, a mid-30s gamer originally from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and now living in New Orleans, Louisiana with my lovely wife and our dog. By day, I’m a sportswriter, covering the sports media for Awful Announcing. I’ve been a pretty steady gamer since I was young. Thanks to my abiding interest in railroads (something very much shared with my father), one of the first games I played was the old Two Wolf edition of Silverton, still one of my favourites. I played standards like Monopoly, Clue and Careers, too, plus all sorts of card games, but really got into more advanced games (thanks largely to my uncle!) with The Settlers of CatanCarcassonne and Puerto Rico. Later, Power GridRace For The Galaxy and Dominion were big influences on me. I like things on both the Ameritrash and Euro side of the aisles, plus the genre-crossing ones, and I’m interested in everything from 10-minute fillers to day-plus-long epics. Current favourites include Power Grid (still!), Brew Crafters, Merchants and Marauders, Kings of Air and Steam and Silverton (still!). I’m always up for talking about games, either here, on Twitter or Facebook, on BoardGameGeek, or via e-mail. I can be reached at